Version 1.3.0 is now available for download, with major improvements to the full text search and the ability to import mailbox archives from within the user interface. Here is what’s new in more detail:

  • Accent-insensitive search, word exclusion, better word parser, smaller inverted index.
  • User interface to submit and control server-side import of mailbox files.
  • Combine headers and body in the same view for better usability.
  • Add email syntax checks in composer.
  • Bugfixes: set forwarded status on forwarded messages.
  • Help system: use a simple integrated browser instead of the external Qt assistant program.
  • Integrated indexing of html parts.
  • Text extractors on attachments replace indexer plugins.
  • Add partial and full reindexing capabilities to manitou-mgr.

The user interface is available as an installer for MS-Windows and a disk image for Mac OS X. For Linux, precompiled packages are available for the latest Debian and Ubuntu distributions, for both x86 and amd64 architectures.

Users of other operating systems are encouraged to compile from source and open issues at github if problems arise.

To upgrade from previous versions, it’s strongly suggested to replace attachments indexers by words extractors (see the previous blog post: Upgrading attachments indexers). Once done, it’s also suggested to rebuild entirely the inverted index. See Upgrading manitou-mdx in the documentation.