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5. Upgrading manitou-mdx

In addition to the update of the database schema by manitou-mgr --upgrade-schema, certain changes to the configuration may be necessary when upgrading from a previous version, in order to fully benefit from the new features.

5.1. From version 1.2

Up to version 1.2, full-text indexing of attachments contents was set up with plugins such as pdfindexer or mswordindexer. When upgrading to 1.3.0 or above, these plugins should be replaced by index_words_extractors that perform better.

The html_indexer plugin is also obsolete. HTML contents are now indexed by default unless the index_words_html_parts option is configured otherwise.

For the search to benefit from the new indexer features such as the unaccent mode, it is recommended to rebuild the entire full-text index as part of the upgrade procedure. This is done by stopping manitou-mdx and running:

$ manitou-mgr --clear-full-text-index
$ manitou-mgr --reindex-full-text

By default, the reindexing operation will use only two Unix processes. More processes can work in parallel by specifying their number with the --reindex-jobs option. See Section 5, “Inverted full-text index management commands” for more information on reindexing.