This version was mostly intended to be a bugfix release, but it turned out that some new features were needed quickly, so here there are:

  1. Dynamic fields in signatures, see the section of the documentation about identities
  2. Instant update of counters in the quick selection panel, technically based on database notifications.
  3. Optional automatic incorporation of new messages into the list. This option still needs to be activated in the Preferences->Fetching panel, since I’m not sure yet that this behaviour is desirable for large databases. It may become the default later when some more tests have been done.

On the bugs front, the counters in the quick query selection panel were not always properly updated in automatic mode, unless an explicit refresh was requested, that problem is hopefully fixed for good in 1.0.1. Also, the mime_types table was left empty by the installation by manitou-mgr –create-database, and it turned out that the user interface was likely to crash because of that when attaching a file in the composer. Both problems are also fixed.

The released files are still only source code, but in the next few weeks there should be a a debian package for manitou-mdx and Ubuntu packages for both manitou-mdx and the user interface. It doesn’t seem like the debian stable distribution has Qt-4.5, that’s why the user interface won’t be packaged for debian stable.