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 <code sql> <code sql>
 select FIELD||':'​||arr[1],​ count(*) select FIELD||':'​||arr[1],​ count(*)
- from (select FIELD, regexp_matches(lines,​ '​(?:​^|\n)'​ || FIELD || ':​\s*([^\n]*)\n', 'g') as arr+ from (select FIELD, regexp_matches(lines,​ '​(?:​^|\n)'​ || FIELD || ':​\s*([^\n]*)',​ 'gi') as arr
        from header, ​        from header, ​
          ​(VALUES ('​X-Priority'​),​ ('​Importance'​),​ ('​Precedence'​),​ ('​Priority'​),​          ​(VALUES ('​X-Priority'​),​ ('​Importance'​),​ ('​Precedence'​),​ ('​Priority'​),​
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