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30.  Table: runtime_info

Contains (key, values) string pairs that contain runtime information about the mail-database exchanger (manitou-mdx). These information can be used to monitor the process activity (or lack thereof) from the outside.

Structure of runtime_info


character varying(100) NOT NULL

The name of the runtime variable.



The value of the runtime variable.

Table V.1. List of runtime variables

Field nameField value

The last time the exchanger signalled that it was running. By default, this entry is updated every five minutes. The format is an UTC timestamp.


The last time a mail has been imported from the spool. The format is an UTC timestamp.


The last time an error has occurred in importing a mail from the spool. Errors in importing are likely to be due to an incorrect format for a mail file. The format is an UTC timestamp.


The number of errors in importing mail files that occurred since that number was resetted to zero. Typically an administrator would look from time to time to mailfiles that caused errors and reset that counter once the cause of the error has been spotted and the incorrect file ignored or fixed and re-imported.


The version of the database schema, formatted as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. manitou-mgr updates this value when it installs or upgrades the database schema. The schema version is normally the same as the version of manitou-mdx that runs with this database.


The size of a logical partition of inverted_word_index, as used for the part_no column of this table. This is not a PostgreSQL partition. The default value is 16384. Changing this value requires rebuilding the full-text index with manitou-mgr --reindex-full-text.