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28.  Table: programs

Contains the names or paths of the programs that can be executed to display attachments.

Structure of programs


character varying(256)

The path of the program and its arguments. If should contain a $1 parameter that will be replaced by the path of the temporary file where the user interface has saved the attachment contents just before launching the program. Example: mozilla -remote "openfile(file:$1,new-window)" can be used on text/html attachments on a linux system with the mozilla browser installed.


character varying(256)

The content type for which program_name will be used. Example: text/html, image/jpeg, ...


character varying(100)

The configuration for which the entry apply. A null value will mean that the entry applies by default. If the user interface is running under a particular configuration and that configuration has an entry for the content_type, then that entry is taken instead of the default one. There are two basic reasons why programs can be specialized by configuration: 1) On a multi-user installation, some users may not want to use the same programs to display attachments than others: they can do so by setting up their own configuration to override the default. 2) An individual user can run the user interface under several operating systems, with obviously different software installed on each OS.