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4. Delivering incoming mail into files

It is assumed that the incoming mail for manitou-mdx is received by a local unix account (fetchmail default behavior), or locally mail-dropped (fetchmail with --mda or maildrop). One of these methods may be used:

4.1. System-wide installation

The following line can be added to the /etc/aliases file to make the incoming mail being piped into manitou-spool:

myaccount: "|manitou-spool /path/to/some/manitou/spool-directory"
(the newaliases command must be run for the aliases file to be reloaded).

4.2. User-private installation (using procmail)

To drop the mailfiles into a directory named for instance $HOME/private/manitou/spool, the following lines should be added to the .procmailrc file in the HOME directory:

|manitou-spool $HOME/private/manitou/spool

Procmail is popular for its filtering capabilities, but a simple $HOME/.forward file is sufficient to deliver into mailfiles. Refer to the local mail system documentation on how to set up a .forward file.