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1. Creating a new database

Create a new, empty PostgreSQL database to hold the mail data, and a dedicated database user that owns it. Both are named manitou by default.

manitou-mgr --create-database [--conf=/path/to/configfile] [--quiet]
[--db-name=val] [--db-user=val] [--db-host=val] [--db-port=val]
[--db-super-user=val] [--db-super-password=val]


Path to manitou-mdx configuration file (default: /etc/manitou-mdx.conf)
Name of the new database to create (default: manitou).
Database user that will own the newly created database (default: manitou).
Database host name to connect to. By default, connect to a local database (by Unix socket).
Database port number to connect to (default: 5432).
Database superuser to connect to in order to create a new database (default: postgres)
Password for the database superuser (default: no password).
No output unless an error occurs. The default is to output information messages in addition to error messages.