Manitou-Mail 1.5.0 is released and available to download.

The major improvement is the move from Qt4 to Qt5, an important step

to continue to benefit from Qt’s progress.

Other changes are, in the user interface:

  • Bug fixes with Unicode characters in headers when composing.
  • Fix “Fetch more” bug.
  • Fix locale bug when retrieving FP numbers from queries.
  • Fix bug interpreting certain URLs with percent-encoded chars.
  • Desktop notifications available on all platforms.
  • Russian translation added. </ul> In manitou-mdx:
  • Reimplement rfc2047 encoding for consecutive words.
  • Add workaround for a DBD::Pg 3.x bug with utf-8 handling.
  • Fix utf-8 encoding in HTML MIME parts.
  • Fix undesirable CRLF conversion in attachments on MS-Windows.
  • Minor parsing improvements in full text indexing. </ul>