About Daniel Vérité

I'm an independant IT consultant based near Paris, France.
SIRET number: 452 354 145 00024
@ Email: daniel at verite.pro
☎ Phone: +33664259697


I've studied six years at the Université de Paris-Sud and got a DEA (Master's Degree) in Computer Science in '94.

Experience and skills

I've been consulting in IT since 1996, working mostly on the design, implementation and maintenance of databases and applications for Internet Service Providers, especially billing and CRM systems. Additionally, I've been maintaining websites, databases and mail systems for small businesses since 2002.

Currently, I mostly use these technologies:
⚡ Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL.
⚡ Languages: C/C++, Perl, PHP.
⚡ Frameworks: Qt.

Free software

I've committed myself to creating and maintaining Manitou-Mail, an open-source SQL-driven, Qt-based mail user agent with the goal of innovating against traditional mailers like Outlook or Thunderbird, especially in the areas of large mail archives, search, server-side administration, and shared mailboxes. The status of the project is work in progress.

I've also wrote pgstream and released it under the BSD license. It's a lightweight API for accessing PostgreSQL databases in C++.

Consulting work

Customers I've been working for in the last ten years include:

Very old projects

Back in the 90's, I used to program in assembly for the Motorola 68k processors and also was an Amiga enthusiast, and as such I have fond memories of working on these projects: